We take pride in claims management expertise founded on a stable financial foundation, which has enabled our commercial and personal insurance customers to manage virtually any risk with comfort and confidence. Our claims team comprises hands-on professionals working within an ICT-enabled environment to ensure accuracy and speed. This allows us to manage claims by drawing on local, first-hand knowledge of risks, policy forms, business practices, as well as legal and regulatory issues.

Claim Preparation

The way that data is presented to insurers is the key to optimizing claim recovery. We know precisely what information insurers require and we present it the way that they demand. This speeds up the process ultimately resulting in timely claim realization.

Managing the Claim process
The quality of your claim presentation and supporting documentation is critical to a successful settlement. We will:
• Minimize the time you spend in claim preparation
• Secure prompt stage payments to help manage your cash flow
• Expedite settlement to save time & cost

Claim settlement modelling
We develop understanding with insurers on how to expedite major claim. These agreements are designed to ensure that all parties understand both the scope of the policy and the detail of claims process.